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Ways to Engage


Submit a public comment

The number one thing you can do to support access to motorized and mechanized recreational uses on the public lands in our region is submit a comment to our County Commissioners. Email them at commissioners@tetoncountywy.gov 

OR visit this link and use the Interactive Map on the tetonwpli.org website to submit geotagged comments and photos.


AMPL is in need of volunteers to man booths at events year round, to recruit friends and neighbors to fill out public comment cards or email comments, to provide photos and stories that highlight why outdoor recreation is important to you, and to share content on social media so locals become more aware of the WPLI process and what it can mean to the future of recreation in our region.

Fill out our volunteer form to sign up TODAY.

Attend a Public Meeting

The fate of our public lands is in your hands! Show up to public meetings. Give a face and a name and a handshake to your elected officials and make them accountable to serving the needs of their constituents.

Become an AMPL Ambassador

AMPL ambassadors are our organization’s eyes and ears with hikers, bikers, skiers, snowmobilers, hunters, anglers and recreationists of all stripes. They are our outdoor evangelists on-the-ground. We ask our ambassadors to familiarize themselves with the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI) process and coordinate with AMPL to address WPLI questions and concerns within a given community.

Ambassadors should be community mavens who are willing to reach out to friends, businesses, community partners and recreationists within our community. After educating community members, we ask that ambassadors help AMPL drive public comment in support of multi-use of public lands for recreation. Lastly, we ask our ambassadors to identify outreach opportunities to local businesses and recruit people to attend events, in addition to keeping a pulse on community opinion.

For those interested in serving as an ambassador, please reach out to us at AMPLcommunity@gmail.com

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