About AMPL

AMPL is an organization dedicated to the preservation of public lands and national forests for the benefit of and the multi-recreational use by the broad population of our regional communities. Our focus includes the organization of public support and the creation of a unified voice to maintain and protect broad access to our public lands for motorized as well as non-motorized recreational uses in a cooperative and cohabitant manner for all to enjoy the natural beauty and public opportunities in our region. Our near term efforts will focus in the counties of Teton, Lincoln and Sublette in Wyoming and Teton and Bonneville counties in Idaho. 

The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative

The Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI) is a collaborative, county-led process intended to result in one, state-wide legislative lands package that is broadly supported by public lands stakeholders in Wyoming. The ultimate goal is final designation or release of Wyoming’s 42 Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and 3 U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) in Wyoming. While WSA designations will serve as the launching pad and anchor for the WPLI, county advisory teams are encouraged to look more broadly at long-standing land use challenges and build consensus-based agreements using whatever tools at their disposal to reach agreement.

Right now the Teton and Sublette County WPLI boards are collecting public comment on Wilderness Study Areas (WSAs) and debating the appropriate uses for public lands in our region. We need the public to speak up and inform our representatives (including members of the county WPLI board, county commissioners, and federal delegation) about how we want to use these lands! This summer AMPL is working hard to launch a comprehensive community outreach plan that involves digital, social, local events and grassroots education with a goal of collecting over 1,000 public comments on the study areas in our region.


Meet Our Board


Jesse Combs

Board Member and President of AMPL

Growing up in Kentucky, Jesse spent a lot of time wandering through the woods with his two brothers, enjoying the outdoors and everything it had to offer such as biking, fishing, hunting, dirt biking, and camping. At the age of 22, he moved to Houston, Texas and spent the next 16 years building businesses, but in the back of Jesse’s mind, he was dreaming about living in an outdoor paradise like Jackson, Wyoming. That dream finally became a reality in 2014 when Jesse’s family relocated to the valley. As an avid outdoorsman - skier, mountain biker, dirt biker, backpacker, hunter, and snowmobiler - multi-use recreational public lands are of vital importance to Jesse. After recognizing there was a strong need for a local organization that could focus on preserving and protecting our limited, regional, multi-use-designated public lands, Jesse along with his fellow board members founded Advocates for Multi-Use of Public Lands. They are committed to helping ensure that future generations have the same recreational opportunities available today.

Reggie Benz

Director of Communications

Born and raised on a working cattle ranch in central Wyoming, Reggie has experienced first-hand federal and state land management regulations and guidelines. Graduation from Jackson Hole High School led him into a rodeo scholarship at Chadron State College. After two years in Chadron, Nebraska, Reggie moved to pursue a business degree in Fort Collins, Colorado. In 2005, he started a construction business and returned to Jackson, Wyoming to live and work. Online classes in engineering and surveying supplemented his education while pursuing contractor qualifications and local licensing requirements as a general contractor. Reggie spends a majority of his free time in the mountains, either on horses, UTVs, or a snowmobile. His love for the backcountry is proven by his advocacy of public lands and passion for the outdoors.

Mike Mielke

Vice President

Having grown up in the mountains of western Montana, Mike started at a young age tinkering with snow machines and spending the majority of his time outdoors hiking and fishing in the area lakes. He has been riding motorcycles, bicycles, snowmobiling, and skiing his entire life. Mike has worked and played all over Idaho, Montana and Wyoming. He moved permanently to the Jackson area 15 years ago, started a family and continues to utilize our public lands for many fond family adventures. Mike has been active in the community, volunteering for various charities and non-profit organizations. He has spent time teaching his kids about hobbies he grew up doing, how to be good stewards and care for our lands, to enjoy the freedoms we have, and to get out and enjoy the mountains, lakes and rivers with friends and family. Mike is proud to be a part of AMPL and to do his part in ensuring a way of life for generations to come.

Wade Kaufman


Wade is the fourth generation of Kaufmans in Driggs, Idaho and has been living in the area for 43 years. He has been taught the importance of loving and respecting the mountains that surround us all. Wade owns a business in the landscaping industry and has been in this line of work for the last 18 years. Presently he is serving as a city councilman in Driggs. Wade has been involved with many committees, boards, public groups, and 501(c)(3) organizations to develop trails and preserve our multi-use access to public lands. He is currently the president of Skyliners Motor Club located in Teton Valley, and has held this position for the last four years. Since 1969, Skyliners Motor Club has been involved in many events as well as in trail construction for Targhee forest district.

Ginny Stradley Meagher


Ginny was born and raised in Jackson. Her family has been in the valley for five generations. She graduated from the University of Colorado Denver with a bachelor’s degree in economics. Ginny worked for the Kentucky Department of Workforce Development as a regional manager for several years before transferring to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System in Louisville, Kentucky where she worked as the Director of Budget and Financial reporting for 11 years. Shortly after completing her MBA at the University of Louisville in 2010, she returned to Jackson and currently works as the Director of Finance and Administration for the Jackson Hole Community Counseling Center. Ginny is married and has three children. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends hiking, biking, camping, snow machining, cooking, and traveling.

There are many areas Ginny grew up enjoying with her family that are no longer open to the public. She believes strongly in supporting the mission of AMPL so that her children and future generations can continue to mountain bike, four-wheel, dirt bike, camp, snow machine, and ski on the same public lands she and her family currently enjoy, appreciate, and respect. 


Meet Our Ambassadors


Jadian Pfaff

AMPL Ambassador

As a true back-country lover and outdoor-sports enthusiast, Jadian credits much of her interests, hobbies and livelihoods to her very active, recreational parents and to Jackson, Wyoming. Being born and raised in such a beautiful place has taught Jadian to love and cherish the outdoors. Her weekends are almost always spent in the mountains enjoying various activities such as snowmobiling, dirt biking, bicycling, rock climbing, hiking, horseback riding, hunting, fishing, camping, and snowboarding.

Jadian's involvement with AMPL came quite naturally. AMPL is the most proactive way for Jadian to stay involved in protecting and preserving our Palisades Wilderness Study Area as an open-use area for a multitude of recreational sports. She spent her childhood memories with her family in these mountains, and she hopes to do the same with her own children someday. Jadian believes multi-use access to our mountain regions is fundamental in building public appreciation and respect of the outdoors, and this will help to increase involvement in protecting and preserving our wild areas.

Anna N Cole

Anna Cole

AMPL Ambassador

Anna Cole has lived and worked in Jackson Hole for over a decade. Born and raised in southwest Virginia, Cole moved to Jackson in 2005 after graduating from Vanderbilt University.  The plan was to “ski bum” for one winter but her love of the mountains, ski industry and the community kept her in the valley.  She and her husband Eric are enthusiastic trail users, and can be found frequently mountain biking and dirt biking on Munger Mountain, their neighborhood trail system. 

As the Communications Manager for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Cole has worked collaboratively with the Jackson community, Bridger Teton National Forest and state of Wyoming to build awareness around the special place that is Jackson Hole.  A passion for outdoor recreation year-round, trails, and the protection of the valley’s assets for recreational use, Cole is proud to join AMPL and help represent the dirt biking segment of users.  


Kevin Kavanagh

AMPL Ambassador

Kevin was born in Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from The University of Cincinnati with a B.A. in Communications. He has been a year-round Jackson, Wyoming resident since 1994. He has a diverse background in hospitality. 

Kevin was the Food and Beverage, Operations Manager for the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for six years before moving on to become a hotelier for the next eight years of his career. He enjoyed great success serving as the Assistant General Manager of the Rusty Parrot Lodge and Spa; a Four Diamond, full service, boutique hotel in downtown Jackson. In 2009, he moved on to become the General Manager of The Clear Creek Group, a full service brokerage and property management firm that focuses on high-touch.

Kevin is a founder and President of the Teton Freedom Riders, a 100% volunteer 501(c)3 nonprofit organization founded in 2003 that works directly with the United States Forest Service in constructing and maintaining Jackson Hole’s public trail network. He has also served on the board of Mountain Bike the Tetons. Through his philanthropic endeavors, Kevin engages community members and businesses to protect trails as an asset that serves as the community’s connection to the greater Teton area’s natural resources.

With his wife Katie, Kevin resides in the Town of Jackson where they are proud to raise their two daughters, Maeve and Macy Jane. Together they enjoy the fruits of Jackson Hole; fishing, boating, mountain biking, horseback riding, skiing, and snowboarding.


Meg Petersen

AMPL Ambassador

Meg grew up frolicking in the quiet, fairy-tale woods of Maine but dreamed of the wild vast lands of the West. She moved to the valley in 1999 after attending college in Los Angeles where she realized her intrinsic need for open, undeveloped spaces. While her interests have changed over the last 20 years, her love of the outdoors has not. She feels privileged to have had so many opportunities to explore this region on foot, skis, horseback, car, boat, mountain bike, dirt bike and snowmobile.

Over the years she has developed a deep appreciation for all methods of outdoor travel. Her interest in hiking in the mountains evolved into rock climbing to access the highest peaks. Her love of cross-country mountain biking, and the access that granted, led her to dirt biking, with all the trills and challenges, but most importantly, all the endless possibilities of places to explore. Unfortunately access to those places is shrinking often because of policy changes driven by blind ideals. Her goal is to keep access open to all users so they, by whatever method they choose to get there, can appreciate the natural beauty of our amazing planet and will feel the need to become stewards of these wild places. 


Clancy Meagher

AMPL Ambassador

As an active teenager, Clancy is passionate about snowmobiling, dirt biking, four-wheeling, football, and his 4-H steers.  Clancy loves to spend time with his family members in the outdoors enjoying multi-use areas. He believes it is important to get kids and the next generation of outdoor enthusiasts involved in promoting access and advocating for multi-use of public lands.